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sayer Dates

Sayer Dates which makes up about 65% of Iranian Date is one of the export Iranian Date that is allocated around 40% of total export of Date palm to itself.Sayer(Stamaran) Date and Zahedi ِِDates are the main kinds of Date fruit in Khuzestan province which mostly are utilized in export and international markets and rest of the Date fruits such as Kabkab,Khazravi,Gantar and Hallavi only are used in internal and local markets.


The Date due to its high quality and having good attributes is known in many countries especially European countries such as Canada , England ,Australia and new Zealand.

The Date has high amount of nutrients and cellulose. Sayer Date is semi-dried Date at harvest and its moisture is less than 17% and so because of this, keeping the Date more than one year in a tropical warehouse and without freezing is possible!This kind of Date fruit according to being semi-dry can be dissolved in water quickly.

It should be noted that the ِِDates in khuzestan province specially Sayer ( Stamaran) Date is free of pesticides and chemicals and is totally organic!The Date that is called Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun, in different areas includes around 70% of palm Khuzestan province ! its fruit is oval and sometimes inclined rectangular.

The Date has yellow color but the Date fruit at ripening stage is amber-colored and reddish brown.Sayer (Stamaran) Date despite of being dry is so sweet and because of storage properties can remain healthy out of refrigerator for two years which this situation has resulted high utility in the export.

Storage property of Sayer(Stamaran) Date reduces transportation and storage costs, because don’t need to transfer to the cold storage .The Date should not be kept with chemicals, oil production and foods such as fish ,onion because quickly attract their odor and the keeping place should be free of dust too