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Piarom Date is one of the most tasty and delicious semi-dried ِِDates in the world that is cultivated in southern city of Iran means Hajiabd in Hormozgan province. Piarom palm is cultivated mostly in range of mountains and irrigated basin areas .

It should be noted that there are 40 kinds of ِِDates in Hormozgan province which the most cultivated ِِDates in the various areas of the province are Piarom,Mordar Sang,Zard,Allmehtari,,Mazafati and etc. The ِِDates are grown organically and there is no any chemicals in the harvest process .the thin and soft texture of the Date has dark brown color and has meaty and succulent flesh .

Piarom Date is a commercial Date which due to having high quality and consumers satisfaction has became special export Date!This production has managed to attract most of prominent international markets .

Piarom Date is replete of protein and other mineral substances and has high quality nutritious value! Cirueie,Tarom,Tazraj and Daragah are the most villages in the HAJIABAD city which the Date is cultivated in!This Date fruit is considered as the most expensive Date in the world and Hajiabad city is the only area which cultivate Piarom Date .PIAROM production which is called chocolate Date in the international markets is the best export Date in Iran.

The Date due to high amount of fructose is suited for those who are suffered from diabetes .the doctors recommended which there is load of fiber in the Date which is very beneficial for digestive system and works as laxative food!

PIAROM Date also is rich source of potassium that is so necessary for preventing high blood pressure and strengthens the nerves!Moreover, the Date has high amount of magnesium that is effective for muscles and also nerves!If twice a week soak 6 or 7 ِِDates in the water overnight and enjoy it in the morning ,you will take my words.!The Date has more various packaging compared with other Date fruits, its harvesting is done once but other ِِDates fruit is gradual.