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exporter of iranian datesThese dates are soft and hugely demanded both inside the country and internationally. The dates are generally dark purple and blackish and with excellent honey and taste. The rate of the moisture in the product depending on the location of the farm and the way of cultivation and harvesting is different. The size of a mature Kimia date is between 2.5 to 4.5 cm.

Mazafati date is the most popular type for which sometimes the term “fresh date” is mistakenly used. In fact, fresh dates are the fresh fruits of the palm tree. Dried fresh dates are ‘dates’. For example the products obtained from vine are unripe grapes, grapes and raisins exactly like kharg, fresh date and date from palm trees. This type of date must be kept in the refrigerator.


This fruit is rich in vitamins like A-B-C-E, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium. Each of these substances is useful for human health. This fruit is anti-cancer because of having magnesium and is useful for


sajaddates is seller, supplier and exporter of Iranian dates are Mazafati, Piarom, Sayer, Zahedi, Kabkab, Rabbi, Shahni, Khasoei. Sale prices are direct from the farmer.

This dried fruit is nutritious and energeticis that has minerals such as Iron, Potasium, Zinc, Manganese, and viamin A, B and E. Researches show that date can immune body from colon and stomach cancers.

Date is a kind of Fruit which only can be cultivated in tropical and particular regions in the world .Iran because of having diversity in weather condition have been one of the successful and prominent producer of Date fruit in the world .among the most important kinds of cultivated Date fruits in Iran can point to Stamaran(Sayer)Date ,Mazafati(Kimia)Date , Kabkab Date ,Shahani Date , Zahedi(Zahidi) Date, Rabbi Date ,Khazravi Date, Barhi Date , Mordar Sang Date and Allmehtari Date which each of them has great importance in different provinces.

Stamaran Date Fruit which is called Samaran ,Sayer and Sambarun includes around 80% of total palm trees of Khuzestan province. Stamaran Date Fruit has great trade value and is considered as the most important export production of Khuzestan province. The Date Fruit is a semi-dried one which has resulted to increase storage capabilities and become suitable export production of Iran.

Shahani Date Fruit is named differently in particular regions .for example ,the Date is called Shavoni in the Minab , Shoni in the Firuzabad and Khork shani in the Hajiabad .Shahani Date fruit is the most important and most abundant kinds of Date fruit in the Fars province .Shahani Date Fruit is considered as wet Date which due to its attractive brown color and sweet taste are consumed mostly in the internal markets. The Iranian Date Fruit is cultivated in different cities such as Jahrom ,Jiroft, Kahnouj , Hajiabad and saravan.

Mazafati (Kimia) Date Fruit can be considered as the most delicious kind of Date Fruit in the world. Mazafati Date Fruit is a wet Date with an attractive black color which its moisture level based on harvest time and cultivation place is between 15% to 35%. In Iran after Stamaran and Shahani has the most trade value.Mazafati Date Fruit is grown in Bam , Saravan , Iranshahr , Nickshahr and Tabas. Cold storage building can have positive effect on increasing Mazafati Date Fruit. Main internal supplier of Mazafati Date Fruit is Tehran province.

Zahedi (Zahidi) Date fruit which sometimes is called Ghasb is considered as dried Date and in particular cities is a semi-dried Date Fruit .Zahedi Date which is one of the important export productions of Iraq has a light brown color and is cultivated in Khuzestan,Bushehr,Fars and Kermanshah in Iran.

Kabkab Date is a wet Date with dark brown color which after Stamaran ,Shahani and Mazafati has the most trade value in Iran .Kabkab Date mostly is cultivated in Khesht and Komarj in the Kazerun and Dashtestan cities.

Another one is Rabbi Date Fruit which is the most important production of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Its fruit is so large and has red color and mostly is grown in Iranshahr , Zabol , Saravan and Chahbahar.

Barhi Date is a late fruiting Date fruit which cannot resistant against moisture .the Date is one of the important productions of Khuzestan province which is cultivated in Dehloran , Borazjan and Sumar .Barhi Date Fruit in the Rotab stage is amber-colored and then turn to red color.

Gantar Date Fruit is called Gandi in the different areas. The Date is a wet Date and is considered as one of the prominent productions of Khuzestan province.

Piarom(piarum) Date fruit is known as the most delicious dried Date fruit in the world which is cultivated in southern cities of Iran. The Iranian Date Fruit is grown organically and free of any chemicals and pesticides .its moisture is low and because of high utility can easily attract international markets.

Allmehtari , Khazravi , Shakkar , Khassui , Mordar sang , Zareik , Sheikhali , Hallavi and Dayri are the rest of Iranian Date Fruit which each of them has unique attributes and particular benefits .


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