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What Are the Health Benefits of Fresh Dates?

Iran DatesDates are packed with nutrients for heart health.

Dates are a sweet and soft fruit commonly grown in desert climates. They are typically sold dried and packaged, but also available as fresh fruit. Both fresh and dried dates are traditional foods that have a range of health benefits.

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kabkab dates

All the ِِDates are difference in terms of size, type, color, water, sugar levels, shapes and sizes and depend on the type of soil, water, air and moisture in cultivation. The Date production of each region and the main figures of exports are important. Some of Date figures such as Shahani, Mazafati, and Kabkab are very good and are the best qualities of Dates in the world.

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Sayer Date Introduction

Sayer Date which makes up about 65% of Iranian Date is one of the export Iranian Date that is allocated around 40% of total export of Date palm to itself.Sayer(Stamaran) Date and Zahedi ِِDates are the main kinds of Date fruit in Khuzestan province which mostly are utilized in export and international markets and rest of the Date fruits such as Kabkab,Khazravi,Gantar and Hallavi only are used in internal and local markets.

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Iran Rabbi Date

Rabbi Date is a semi-dried date fruit which can be kept in normal temperature of room -the date is available in relative sizes , attractive black color and soft texture. There is another kind of Rabbi Date Which is smaller, more dry and is so hard! Rabbi Date fruit is one of the most important productions of Sistan and Baluchestan province. After Stamaran,Shahani,Mazafati and Kabkab ,Rabbi Dates fruit has the most economic value in Iran ! Iranshahr and Zabol has high quality Rabbi date and in the Chahbahar and Saravan its quality is good.

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