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Palm and pomegranate mixture comes to help your heart

According to Health News, dates and pomegranates are combined when the body gives happiness. The scientists also believe many diseases can be prevented by the combination of the two should be taken together, not separately.

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Date and time benefits allowed its use in children

and is effective in the prevention of infectious diseases.

  Porridge dates: can palm kernel without skin and cook in butter or oil until soft, then add the flour, ground almonds and cook until well blended me and wiped out the raw flour.

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How "Roulette dates" fix


   Flour: 4 cups

  Salt: A Ponce

  Butter: 250 g

   Vanilla: a quarter of China AH Srkhaly

  Aromatic spices (cardamom or cinnamon): the amount needed (if you wish)

    Sugar (powdered): a second cup

    Eggs (average): a number

    Egg yolks: one

    Milk: a second cup

    Dates (gross non-core) to the extent necessary

    Sundae (for the date): the amount needed

    White Sesame: One and one-half cup

    Egg whites: 2

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Palm sap is stronger than honey!

A new study, researchers have shown that palm wine taste better with certain chemical compounds against bacterial diseases.

Now the palm sap to cook foods such as poultry in many countries and used in various desserts.

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